Municipal approval requirements for a liquor sales licence including manufacturer’s "Tied House"

Find out the municipal approval requirements for a liquor sales licence.

Liquor Sales Licence including “Tied House” Liquor Licences

The following municipal information and documentation must be provided to the AGCO to support an application for a new liquor sales licence (including a “tied house” liquor sales licence – manufacturer’s liquor licence) or an addition to an existing liquor licence:

Municipal Information Form

A Municipal Information Form must be completed and signed by an applicant’s local municipal clerk’s office. This form indicates whether the area in which the premises will be located is “wet”, “damp” or “dry” (in relation to the sale of liquor). It is the applicant’s responsibility to upload the signed form to their iAGCO online portal.

Compliance letters

Three municipal agency letters of approval (also known as “compliance letters”) are required from applicants as part of their liquor sales licence application:

  • Building Department (Building Code Act, 1992)
  • Fire Protection Officer or Fire Marshal (Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997)
  • Public Health Department (Health Protection and Promotion Act)

The AGCO provides a template form of approval letter to be used by municipal officials; however, some municipal agencies prefer to use their own letterhead.  Whatever the case, these letters must be signed and dated by the appropriate official.

The compliance letters must indicate that an applicant’s establishment meets the current standards or by-laws administered by each agency.  The compliance letter from either the Building or Fire Department should indicate an occupant load for the licensed area.

If an applicant is applying to license an outdoor area (patio), the compliance letters submitted from the local municipality must specify that the outdoor area was inspected.

By-the-Glass Endorsement

Wineries, breweries and distilleries that hold a manufacturer’s licence under the Liquor Licence and Control Act may make an application to the AGCO for a By-the-Glass Endorsement to sell and serve their products for consumption on their production site(s) and immediate adjacent licensed area where the sale is primarily aimed at promoting the manufacturer´s product and either providing an enhanced tourist experience or fulfilling an educational purpose.

Under a By-the-Glass Endorsement, guests are allowed to carry and consume wine, beer and spirits on the production site(s) and immediately adjacent licensed areas that are under the sole control of the manufacturer and approved under the endorsement.  Note that wine, beer and spirits are not permitted in such areas as public roads, thoroughfares, driveways and parking lots, or in other areas that may raise public safety concerns.

To apply to the AGCO for a By-the-Glass Endorsement, written notice must be received from the council of the municipality within which the applicant’s production site(s) and immediately adjacent licensed areas are located confirming that it has passed a resolution in support of the endorsement.