Industry Notice – Heat Warning

Horse Racing

The health and welfare of racehorses is a priority to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and to members of the racing community. An effort to monitor weather conditions and how it will impact racehorses is in keeping with this mandate.

Yesterday, Environment Canada issued a heat warning for the City of Toronto and surrounding areas with dangerously hot and humid conditions expected through most of the week. The AGCO has advised Official Veterinarians and Racing Officials at all racetracks to remind participants to take the necessary steps to protect horses in extreme heat weather conditions.

Racetracks should refer to the temperature standards-based rule (below) to determine if race cancellations are required for the safety of horses and participants. Concerns about weather conditions impacting racing should be shared with Racing Officials, track management and Official Veterinarians.

For more information, please contact AGCO Veterinary Services at 1-855-261-6821 or

Tip sheet on the temperature cancellation process for Racetracks

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