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Learn how to apply for a wine pub endorsement.

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You can include an endorsement when you apply for your liquor sales licence using our online iAGCO portal. Or, you can add one after your application has been approved.


There’s no fee for a wine pub endorsement.

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A wine pub endorsement lets you sell and serve wine that you manufacture at your licensed premises. The wine must be made at your licensed premises. If you’re looking for a brew pub endorsement, go to the brew pub endorsement page.

With a wine pub endorsement, wine that you manufactured can only be sold, served and consumed in the licensed area where the wine was manufactured. 

If you have a wine pub endorsement, you can offer your wine for takeout and delivery if you meet the requirements set out in regulation.  

You need to comply with all federal requirements. For more information, contact your nearest regional federal excise office. See the wine pub endorsement section of Ontario regulation 746/21 for more details.


You must apply for or hold a liquor sales licence to apply for a wine pub endorsement. 

Wine pub endorsement testing

For more information on the testing process, you can contact the LCBO quality assurance laboratory


There is no fee for a wine pub endorsement. 

Step 1: Prepare your application

Before you apply for a wine pub endorsement, you’ll need to know whether you operate both the licensed area and the proposed manufacturing facility. If you don’t, you’ll need to identify the individuals and/or the entities that will operate the manufacturing facility.

The AGCO will also need a full description of the processes and methods to be used in producing the wine on the premises.

Step 2: Apply online

If you hold a liquor sales licence and want to add a wine pub endorsement, you will need to log in to your iAGCO account to apply.

Apply for an endorsement now

If you do not hold a liquor sales licence, you’ll need to create an account on the iAGCO portal to apply for one. When applying, click "add secondary" on the first screen. 

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Step 3: Wait for a decision

Once you’ve submitted your application, the AGCO will review your application. The AGCO may ask you for more information. 

Know your responsibilities

If you’ve been approved for a wine pub endorsement, you need to run your wine pub properly. As a licensee, you need to follow the standards, laws and regulations that apply to this endorsement. This includes any terms and conditions. Be sure to read:

For more information, see the responsibilities and resources for liquor licensees.