Manage an off-site winery retail store licence

Find information on this page about managing your off-site winery retail store licence.


Apply online for a manufacturer’s licence using our online self-service iAGCO portal


2-year renewal: $265.
4-year renewal: $530.

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Manage your licence

You must tell the AGCO about any changes to your business. This includes changes to ownership and/or management.  

You may need to provide additional information, depending on the situation. Examples of information we might need include personal disclosure information if there’s a change in the ownership structure or you hire a new manager who oversees day-to-day operations of the sale of beer and cider or beer and wine. 


Type of application One time Two years Four years 
Renewals  $265 $530 
Transfer No fee N/A N/A 
Relocation – transfer of location No fee N/A N/A 
Relocation – transfer of location with wine boutique endorsement No fee N/A N/A 
Voluntary surrender of licence No fee N/A N/A 

Renew your licence

You can select a two-year or four-year term when you renew your licence. There are fees that reflect these terms. 

Important: expired licences can’t be renewed.  

Your renewal application should be received prior to the expiry date of your manufacturer’s licence for your off-site winery retail store licences to remain valid. To renew your manufacturer’s licence, the AGCO will need confirmation that:  

  • Your tax status is up-to-date (check your status on the Ministry of Finance’s Tax Compliance Verification portal)
  • If you’ve changed owners, you’ve reported it to the AGCO (if you haven’t, you’ll need to apply for a liquor sales licence transfer first)

Move an off-site winery retail store to a new location

You must apply to the Registrar if you want to move your winery retail store and its licence to a different place. 

Once the Registrar has approved the transfer, the store being relocated must be open and operating in the new location within six months. 

Required documents 

When applying to transfer an offsite winery retail store licence to a different location, you’ll be asked to provide the following as part of your application:  

Site inspection 

The AGCO will need to inspect the constructed retail store to confirm that you’ve met all the requirements.  

Transferring an off-site winery retail store licence to a different person

To transfer of an off-site winery retail store licence to a different person, the Registrar also must approve the transfer of the winery licence associated with the off-site winery retail store licence. Please contact the AGCO for more information on the process.