Gaming assistants 

Learn about registering with the AGCO as a gaming assistant to work in Ontario’s gaming industry.


There are two types of gaming assistants:

Category 1

Exercises a significant level of decision-making authority or has significant supervisory or training responsibilities.

Job roles could include: 

  • table game managers
  • slot managers
  • food and beverage supervisors
  • cage and coin supervisors
  • security and surveillance managers and supervisors
  • casino executives
  • bingo hall managers
  • lottery retailer managers

Category 2

Does not exercise a significant level of decision-making authority or have significant supervisory or training responsibilities

Job roles could include:

  • dealers
  • cashiers
  • bingo callers
  • slot technicians and slot attendants
  • security guards

If you don’t know whether to apply as a category 1 or category 2 gaming assistant, speak to your employer.


The AGCO looks at the risk level of each gaming registration application. We call this process risk-based licensing. For more information about risk-based registration, please see information bulletin No. 68.

Registration fees

Lottery Sector


Commercial and charitable sectors     


No fee 



Category 1: $300

per year

Category 2:  $165

per year


The AGCO must receive all application fees before we can process your application. 

See the fees pages for casino and charitable gaming for full details.


Learn how to apply for a gaming assistant registration.

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Manage your registration

Learn how to manage your gaming assistant registration.

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