Frequently Asked Questions – Internet Gaming

Are online gambling companies allowed to advertise in Ontario?

Yes, internet gaming operators are allowed to advertise their services in Ontario. You may see commercials on TV, websites, social media advertising products as “coming soon” and providing links to websites where you subscribe to updates or play for free.

View the resources below for more information about advertising in Canada:

What should I do if I’m getting unwanted mail or advertising from an online gambling website? 

Like any unwanted mail or advertising we suggest working with the sender to unsubscribe from their distribution lists. You can also try blocking the sender using the features of your e-mail service provider. There are also strong standards in place that require operators to meet requirements relating to requesting player consent for direct marketing (see standards 2.05 – 2.07).

How do I know a site is regulated?

Players should look for iGaming Ontario’s logo as a sign that the site they are playing on is subject to Ontario standards and is being conducted and managed by iGaming Ontario, allowing them to play with confidence. You can visit for the latest news and information about Ontario’s igaming market.

What if I’m gambling on a site that did not become part of the Ontario market on April 4th, 2022? 

If you have an existing account with a gaming site that did not become part of the regulated market on April 4th, 2022 that site is unregulated.

Why aren’t any operators offering pay-to-play fantasy sports in Ontario?

A key objective of Ontario’s new igaming market is to bring sites that are already offering gambling to Ontarians under regulation so that they can be held to high standards of responsible operations, player protections and game integrity. 

In Ontario, pay-to-play fantasy sports  are permitted by the AGCO’s internet gaming standards, which were released to all operators in September 2021. 

At this time, Ontario players can only participate in games with other players located in Ontario. Choosing whether or not to offer pay-to-play fantasy sports is an individual business decision that rests with registered operators. 

Can I watch a game at a bar or restaurant and place a bet at the same time?

Yes, you can place a bet while watching a game in a bar or restaurant, if it is on your own personal device.

Can approved online sportsbooks also offer in-person gambling?

No, online sportsbooks are not able to offer in-person gambling in Ontario. Under Ontario’s regulatory framework, igaming operators are only permitted to operate gaming sites that are online, provided they have entered into an operating agreement with iGaming Ontario and been registered by the AGCO. Providing a device to facilitate gambling would make the premises a land-based gaming site, and land-based commercial gaming is conducted and managed by OLG. Any land-based gaming that is not conducted and managed by the OLG is not permitted.