Hearings under the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018


Hearings for cannabis CRML, CROL and CRSA matters under the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018 are heard by the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT), which is an independent, quasi-judicial agency of the Government of Ontario that adjudicates applications and resolves disputes concerning compensation claims and licensing activities regulated by the provincial government. 

If you have received a Notice of Proposal (NOP) issued by the Registrar, you have the right to a hearing/appeal before LAT. For more information about requesting a hearing/appeal as well as any fees LAT may require, please visit the LAT website.

Notice of Proposal

If the Registrar proposes to refuse, revoke or suspend a CROL, CRML, or to revoke or suspend a CRSA, the Registrar will serve a NOP on the applicant/licensee/authorization holder outlining the reasons for the proposed action.

Applicants/licensees who wish to dispute an NOP issued by the Registrar may appeal it. If you receive an NOP and wish to request a hearing, you have fifteen (15) days to appeal to LAT. If an appeal is not received within fifteen (15) days, the Registrar may carry out the proposed action and a final Order will be issued.

The Registrar’s decision to issue or refuse a CRSA is final. Relief may be sought by way of an Application for Judicial Review to the Superior Court of Justice.

In a situation where there are serious violations alleged such that it is in the public interest not to allow a licensee to continue to sell cannabis, the Registrar may immediately suspend a CROL, CRSA or a CRML. 

In certain instances, including where the holder of a CROL, a CRSA or a CRML is convicted of selling cannabis to a minor, the Registrar is required by the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018 to immediately revoke the licence or authorization.

LAT Decisions

Decisions of hearings held before LAT, can be found on the LAT website.