Manage your registration

Learn how to renew or make changes to your casino operator registration.  

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Renew your registration

The AGCO will remind you by email or mail 60 days days before your registration expires. You must apply to renew your registration and submit the right fee before this expiry date. You can apply to renew your registration through the iAGCO portal.  

Just remember, it's up to you to make sure your registration doesn't expire.  

To renew your registration: 

  1. Log in to iAGCO. 
  2. Start the first renewal by clicking on the Renew button next to the registration in the main menu page.  
  3. Check your email box. Click on the link in the email to complete and submit your disclosure forms. 

Manage your registration

Make changes to your registration

Change in officers, directors, or ownership structure  

You must notify the Registrar before you can change the officers, directors, or shareholders of your company.  
All the new officers and directors must fill out a personal disclosure form. If the change is approved, you will be notified in writing.   

Name change  

You must let the Registrar know if your name changes. You'll need to show proof of the name change. There is no fee for a name change or a new registration certificate.

Address change   

If your address changes (home, work, or mailing), you need to tell the Registrar on iAGCO within five days. Make sure you include your street address, city, postal code, and phone number. Having a P.O. box number or a rural route number isn't enough. 

Replace your registration certificate 

If you lose your registration certificate, you log in to iAGCO and print another one at any time.

Make changes to your registration

Cancel your registration 

You must contact the Registrar in writing to cancel your registration.  

Cancel your registration