Apply to be a Gaming-related supplier

In order to supply gaming-related equipment, products and services in the gaming industry you must be registered with the AGCO.


Register online using our self-service iAGCO portal.


Gaming-related supplier-lottery: $0 per year.

Gaming-related supplier (other) Suppliers of services or equipment: $3,000 per year.

Gaming-related supplier (manufacturer of gaming equipment): $15,000 per year.

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Eligibility and requirements

Eligibility and requirements may vary between gaming sectors. See the gaming-related supplier section for lottery, internet gaming, casino and charitable gaming for complete details.

Step 1: Prepare your application

As part of your application, you’ll need to submit these things:

  • personal history form
  • entity disclosure form (if that applies)
  • registration fee (if that applies)
  • other documents (if that applies)
  • declaration form that needs to be signed by someone with the power to sign on behalf of the business in the application

For more information about personal or entity disclosures, please read the personal and entity disclosure requirements guide. The forms will be available during the application process.

Note: If you intend to carry out activities other than what you indicated on your application, you must notify the Registrar and be approved. 

Step 2: Apply online

To become a gaming related-supplier, create an account on the iAGCO portal. Once you’ve set up your iAGCO account, you can apply.

For Casino gaming-related suppliers: Approval of a gaming-related supplier registration allows you to also work as a non-gaming-related supplier without having to apply for that registration. Learn more about being a non-gaming-related supplier

Apply for gaming-related supplier registration for lottery (not OLG or break open tickets)

Apply for a gaming-related supplier registration (manufacturers)

Apply for a gaming-related supplier registration (other)

Step 3: Wait for a decision

Once you’ve submitted your registration, the AGCO will review it. The AGCO makes every effort to process registrations in a timely manner. We may ask for more information if we need to.

Know your responsibilities

As a gaming-related supplier, you must meet the Registrar’s standards for your registration. You also must follow any related laws and regulations.

Learn more about your responsibilities as a supplier in the responsibilities and resources section.

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