Checklist for a successful electronic raffle

Find information on how to apply for and conduct and manage an electronic raffle.

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Before your event

During your event

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Electronic raffles are raffles that use computers (including handheld devices) to sell raffle tickets, select raffle winners and distribute raffle prizes.

Before your event

Terms and conditions

Read, and meet your obligations as outlined in the following documents:

Note: All electronic raffle sales portals, including subsequent modifications, must meet applicable technical standards and be approved by the AGCO

Things to consider

  • Where will the raffle be held?
  • How many days will the raffle run?
  • What type of raffle will I run?
  • What are the prize(s)?

Policies and procedures

Have your policies and procedures in place, outlining how you will:

  • conduct and manage your raffle
  • ensure compliance with the Electronic Raffle Operational Terms and Conditions
  • address technical issues
  • safeguard personnel, equipment and raffle assets
  • ensure only valid tickets are in the raffle
  • mitigate any identified risks

Technical solution


Ensure electronic raffle personnel are trained on their roles and responsibilities.

Advertising and messaging

Be sure to:

  • Include a responsible gambling messaging on the Rules of Play, in all print advertising and on all stub tickets.
  • Ensure the ads promoting your event meet all AGCO requirements.

Designated lottery trust account

Your charity must open and maintain a separate lottery trust account to manage the money related to conducting and managing your electronic raffle event. See Raffle licence terms and conditions banking and financial.

Apply for a licence

Read the apply for a raffle lottery licence page to learn more about eligibility, where to get a licence, and how to apply.

During your event

Event details

You must follow these event details:

  1. Your AGCO-approved Rules of Play are available for all ticket purchasers
  2. Your electronic raffle licence is available to the public
  3. Two (2) bona fide members oversee your raffle
  4. You remove voided tickets from the draw
  5. You advertise the actual raffle prize amount to be won for your draw (i.e. in the case of a 50/50 raffle, not the total sale amount)
  6. You follow responsible gaming guidelines.
  7. You are not selling to minors under 18 years of age
  8. You know how to identify ineligible buyers
  9. You do not permit sales to those who are intoxicated
  10. Take note of any raffle issues and be prepared to notify the AGCO. (Use the AGCO Notification Matrix to identify, note and report to the AGCO any issues that occur.)
  11. You are prepared for an AGCO Inspector, who may require access to verify your raffle, to review your licence requirements

After your event

Raffle wrap-up

  1. Announce the correct prize amount and the winning ticket number at the first available opportunity
  2. Ensure all raffle outcomes are clearly displayed to raffle ticket purchasers
  3. Secure any unclaimed prizes for 6 months in safekeeping; any unclaimed prize after 6 months must be included in the gross proceeds of the lottery event


Financial report

You must send the following documents with the financial report:

You may also be asked to provide a list of winners. 

Please note:

  • The financial report must be submitted within 30 days of the date of the last draw. The AGCO or municipality may ask for more documents. These may include receipts for expenses related to the event.
  • You must show any prizes that were donated on the financial report. Don’t deduct the value of the donated prizes from the gross receipts.
  • Where asked, you must provide an audited financial statement to the AGCO or municipality within 180 days of the request.
  • Report the use of net proceeds to the AGCO.
  • Put all proceeds into the designated lottery trust account. 

The AGCO licenses eligible charitable and religious organizations to sell raffle tickets, select winners or distribute prizes electronically using computers. Refer to the following video and checklist to ensure your raffle is a success.