New Teletheatre Licensing Process

Process and Required Documents

September 26, 2018

To operate a teletheatre in the Province of Ontario, a license must be obtained from the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The Criminal Code, which stipulates the regulatory framework for teletheatres, provides that only a licensed Racetrack Operator can be licensed to operate a Teletheatre.

In accordance with the adoption of policies based on the recommendations of the Horse Racing Industry Panel “Building a Sustainable Future Together: Ontario’s Five-Year Horse Racing Partnership” (October 2013), the AGCO has consolidated the operation of the Off-Track Wagering Network for the province.

The Racetrack Operator will make application to the AGCO and must submit certain information to the Registrar. A due diligence investigation of the applicant(s) and all various involved parties will be completed by the AGCO Investigations Unit. A teletheatre license will be issued by the Registrar once the suitability of the site operator to receive a license is satisfied. Upon receipt of a license and letter covering any terms and conditions of the license, the application is considered approved and the license valid according to the license period indicated. Licenses must be posted in the Teletheatre location.

List of Required Documents

A letter of application (Item 1) must be received to initiate the new teletheatre approval process. It is recommended that Items 2 through 5 be submitted as soon as possible so that the due diligence investigation of the site can be initiated. The remaining items will be required prior to issuance of the Teletheatre license.

  1. Proposal and Application to Open Teletheatre Operations
    • The application should take the form of a proposal letter addressed to the Director, requesting approval for the teletheatre, detailing:
    • Operating Name of the premises to be used;
    • Street and mailing address of the premises (including postal codes);
    • Contact information for the site: phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses;
    • Names and contact information of site Manager and main contact at the site;
    • Anticipated opening date for Teletheatre Operations
  2. Teletheatre Operator Disclosure Form
    All individuals involved in the liquor license or teletheatre operation (e.g. site manager) must sign the Disclosure Form.
    In case of a company, all partners, officers, directors and shareholders with an interest
    of 5% or more must sign the Disclosure Form.
  3. Teletheatre Licence Fee
    The $100.00 CAD teletheatre licence fee must accompany the application for licence.
  4. Liquor License
    A copy of the current, valid liquor license for the proposed site must be submitted. The liquor license must be in the name of the current owners only.
    In case of a site without a liquor license, other documentation will be required. (Please contact the AGCO for further details.)
  5. Articles of Incorporation
    A copy of the Articles of Incorporation, or other proof of existence of the business entity holding the liquor license, must be submitted.
  6. Evidence of Correspondence to the Local Municipality
    A letter advising the municipality of the application submitted to the AGCO and the proposed teletheatre site.
  7. Evidence of Correspondence to Local Ontario Horsepeople’s Associations
    A letter advising the associations of the application submitted to the AGCO and the proposed teletheatre site.
  8. Photographs
    Submission of current (within 6 months) photos, if not on file with AGCO, of the following:
    • View from street
    • Parking facilities
    • Inside area being used for teletheatre operations

Filing Format

Documents submitted to the AGCO are confidential and private unless otherwise specified. All documents submitted to the AGCO are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c F.31.

Forms and information are available on the AGCO website at:

The preferred submission format for material is electronic.

All material must be submitted to the attention of:

Jessica Harvie
Licensing Coordinator
(416) 326-0863

Please direct any questions regarding this material to Jessica Harvie.