Manage a liquor delivery service licence

Learn how to manage your licence to operate a liquor delivery service.

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Manage your licence to operate a liquor delivery service using our self-service iAGCO portal


2-year term: $200.

4-year term: $400. 

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Renew your licence

You can select a two-year or four-year term when you renew your licence.  

The AGCO will remind you by email or mail 60 days and 7 days before your licence expires. You must apply to renew your licence and submit the right fee before this expiry date. You can apply to renew your licence through the iAGCO portal

If we get your application and fee(s) by the expiry date, we’ll send you confirmation of your renewal application.  

Important: expired licences can’t be renewed.  
If the AGCO doesn’t get your renewal application by the expiry date on your licence to operate a liquor delivery service, your licence will expire. It won’t be valid anymore.    

You’ll have to apply for a new licence. 

You can’t offer liquor delivery services without a valid licence. 

To renew your licence to operate liquor delivery service, you’ll need to submit the same information (minus the letter(s) of appointment) that you provided when you applied the first time.

Manage your licence

Transfer your licence

You need to transfer your licence if: 

  • There’s a change in officers or directors of your corporation of if a person becomes or stops being a partner of your partnership 
  • A person or partnership buys an interest in the licenced business, and controls 10% or more of the outstanding shares 
  • A person or partnership other than you gets profits from the sale of liquor or becomes liable for any responsibilities under the licence 

The AGCO won’t approve a transfer if you have an outstanding monetary penalty. We also won’t approve the transfer if the person you want to transfer the licence to isn’t eligible. 

Transfer licence

Temporary contracting out

You can contract out your business to another person. However, you and the other person need to meet the regulatory requirements.  

You remain liable under the licence while business is contracted out. 

If you transfer your licence, or if the AGCO refuses a licence transfer, you can’t contract out anymore. 

You can make changes to your licence through the iAGCO portal. You’ll need to complete an authorization to contract out as part of your contract out application. 

Manage your licence

Voluntary surrender of licence

If you decide to close your business, or you don’t want to have a licence to operate a delivery service anymore, you must surrender your licence to the AGCO and submit a voluntary surrender of licence form. 

Surrender your licence