Charitable gaming registrations

Register to operate a bingo hall, supply gaming services or equipment, or work in the charitable gaming industry.

For charitable gaming employees

In order to work at a charitable gaming site, you may have to be registered first with the AGCO. 

Specifically, if you exercise any of the following responsibilities as part of your regular work duties, you will require registration:

  • Facilitate game play (e.g. oversee games, explain game rules, handle or pay out cash, etc.)
  • Access, repair or modify gaming-related equipment or systems (e.g. to effect repairs or inspect or test equipment)
  • Monitor, handle or protect gaming-related assets or money (e.g. count cash, oversee reconciliations, etc.)
  • Work primarily in a sensitive area of the gaming site (e.g. surveillance)
  • Control or supervise access to the property or sensitive areas (e.g. security)
  • Access gaming floor as part of regular work duties
  • Establish the policy or strategic direction of the organization or gaming site

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Charitable gaming suppliers

Find information on how to apply as a gaming-related supplier for the charitable gaming sector.

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Register as a break open ticket seller

You must be registered with the AGCO to sell break open tickets on behalf of a charitable lottery licence. Find information on how to apply as a seller.

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