Apply for a Horsepersons licence

Learn how to apply for a horseperson’s licence.


Apply online for a horseperson licence using our online self-service iAGCO portal.


New licence: $20 + Secondary licence fees between $0 – $130 each annually.

Need help?

AGCO Licensing Offices are open on most live race days or call 1-800-522-2876 Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.


The horseperson licence lets you be involved in horse racing in Ontario.  

When you apply for a horseperson licence, you also need to choose another licence type. These other (secondary) licences are what specific activities you’ll be doing. These could include driving a horse in a race (driver), exercising a racehorse (exercise person), or owning a racehorse and racing in Ontario (owner). You can hold more than one secondary licence type.  

Be sure to apply for the horseperson licence and secondary licences for your breed. 

Types of secondary licences

  • apprentice jockey
  • assistant trainer
  • association official
  • authorized agent
  • driver
  • exercise person
  • groom
  • hot walker
  • jockey
  • jockey agent
  • jockey valet
  • occupational
  • owner
  • pari-mutuel ticket seller
  • program breed
  • rider
  • spouse of licensee
  • stable or corporate manager
  • tradespeople (employee and employer)
  • trainer
  • veterinarian

To be sure you meet the criteria for the secondary category you are applying for, you must provide the information or documents requested. For example, applicants applying for the secondary category of Owner will need to provide the name of a horse they own (fully or in part).

Learn more about specific requirements for each secondary licence type.



Special tip: occupational versus tradesperson versus association official?

Check out these descriptions to make sure you’re applying for the right licence type:

  • Occupational
    This licence lets a racetrack employee do these types of jobs:
    • security
    • parking
    • catering
    • maintenance
    • housekeeping
    • admissions
    • program department
    • publicity
  • Tradesperson – employer
    This licence allows a person who doesn’t work for a racetrack association to do their jobs at a racetrack. You could have employees or be self-employed. Job types include:
    • blacksmiths
    • blood stock agents
    • chiropractors and massage therapists
    • members of the media
    • freelance photographers
    • feed supply services
  • Tradesperson – employee
    This licence lets someone who works for an AGCO-licenced tradesperson work at a racetrack. Examples include:
    • feed delivery
    • veterinarian assistant
    • bookkeepers
    • photographers who work for a publication
  • Association official
    This licence allows a racetrack association employee, or someone who works on their behalf, to access secure areas of a racetrack and do their job. These areas may include backstretch or paddock. 
    Job types may include:
    • department heads of a racetrack association
    • official veterinarians
    • test inspectors
    • Lasix veterinarian technicians
    • OnTrack Media & Entertainment employees
    • ambulance attendants

To see additional roles and which secondary lcience you should apply for, see the Licence Type Reference Guide


New Applicant Fee
There is a $20 new applicant fee to apply for a new horseperson licence.  
The following fees (for secondary licences) are in addition to the new applicant fee:

Licence category (secondary licence)
Fee (CAD) (annual)
apprentice jockey$65
assistant trainer$65
association officialNo charge
authorized agent$100
driver (must also apply for trainer)$0
exercise person$20
hot walker$20
jockey agent$100
jockey valet$45
pari-mutuel ticket seller$30
program breed$20
spouse of licensee$20
stable or corporate manager$100
tradesperson – employee$20
tradesperson – employer$45

Step 1: Prepare your application

Before you apply, have these documents ready:

  • Photo identification
    For a list of photo ID we’ll accept, please visit the photo identification page.
  • Parental consent form
    If you’re under 18 years old, you must fill out a parental consent form. If you’re under 10, you can only be licensed as an owner, unless the AGCO approves you for another licence. If you’re under 16, the AGCO will need a judge or steward’s approval as part of the eligibility review.
  • Signature of applicant form
    If you’re applying for someone else, the applicant must complete and sign the signature of applicant form

For specific licence types, you may also need to provide this information:

  • Standardbred Canada (SC)/United States Trotting Association (USTA) number
    If you’re applying as a driver, owner, rider, or trainer, you must provide the first five digits of your SC/USTA number.
  • Copy of jockey licence/apprentice jockey certificate
    If you’re applying as a jockey or apprentice jockey and you’ve got a licence or certificate for somewhere else, you must upload a copy of that document. New apprentice jockeys must get their apprentice jockey certificate before being approved for a licence in Ontario.
  • Copy of trainer certificate
    If you’re applying as a new trainer in thoroughbred and quarter horse breeds, you must upload a copy of your trainer certificate. This needs to be issued by:
    • thoroughbred: Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association or valid licence/certification from another jurisdiction
    • quarter horse: Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario Inc., or a certificate from another area
  • Copy of veterinarian’s licence
    If you’re applying as a veterinarian, you must include a copy of your valid licence with the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.
  • Conditions of New Exercise Person form
    If you’re applying as a new exercise person, you must get your trainer to complete the Conditions of New Exercise Person form, and get approval from race officials.

Additional documentation may be required based on individual circumstances. We will reach out to you once we start processing your application if more is needed.

Step 2: Apply online

If you’re applying for a new licence (you’ve never had a licence before, or you haven’t had one in five years), you need to set up an iAGCO account on the iAGCO online portal

When you have an iAGCO account set up, you can apply for a licence. 

Apply for a licence now

Step 3: Wait for a decision

Once you’ve submitted your application and paid the fees, the AGCO will review your application. The AGCO may ask you for more information if we need to. Applications can take time. Please be sure to submit your application well in advance of your race day.

The AGCO will let you know when we’ve finished processing your application. If the AGCO approves your application, we’ll send you an e-mail with a link to get a copy of your certificate through your iAGCO account. The AGCO will contact you if your application isn’t approved.

Know your responsibilities

For complete details about your legal responsibilities as a licence holder, please refer to the:

Note: No horse will be eligible to race in Ontario unless all parties required to be licensed pursuant to the Rules are licensed and in good standing. 

Be ready to show proof of a valid licence
You need to have a copy of your licence (hard copy or downloaded on phone) with you at all times when in the backstretch area, or acting in the capacity for which a licence is required. You’re required to show your licence when requested by authorities. 

Learn how to check the status of your licence anytime in iAGCO.