Charitable gaming lottery licences

Eligible charities can conduct bingos, raffles and sell break open tickets with a licence. Find information to help you determine if your group is eligible for a lottery licence, which licensing authority to apply to (AGCO or your local municipality) and how to apply.


The AGCO is responsible for regulating charities and religious groups that host lottery events. We check that you are an eligible organization and that you are following the rules. Additionally, we also register individuals who work for and provide gaming services to charities or religious groups. You can find information here about what you need to do to get a licence. 

Where to get a lottery licence

Charitable gaming lottery licences are issued by the AGCO and by municipalities in Ontario. Find out which licensing authority issues the licence you want.

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Charitable gaming eligibility (CGE)

Religious and charitable organizations who wish to get a lottery licence need to undergo an eligibility process with the AGCO. If you qualify, your organization will get a CGE.

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Apply for a charitable gaming licence

Learn how to apply for a licence that lets you run a bingo, raffle, or other lottery game.

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