Commission Veterinarian’s List

Horses placed on the Commission Veterinarian’s List are ineligible to race and/or cannot be entered to race until they are removed from the list, as specified in the AGCO Standardbred Rules of Racing Chapters 8 and 20, and Thoroughbred Rules of Racing Chapter 27.

Cryoanaesthesia and Nerve List

Horses that have been nerved must be declared as per the AGCO Rules of Thoroughbred Racing 15.02.4. Horses that have been nerve-blocked, desensitizing the volar or plantar nerves through any combination of alcohol, drug, or procedure shall be placed on this list.

Procaine List

Horses administered Procaine Penicillin must be declared as per AGCO Standardbred Rule 22.39 and Thoroughbred Rule 6.42. Horses will be placed on the list for 60 days from the date of the most recent reported administration of Procaine Penicillin. The addition or removal of a horse from this list does not relieve trainer responsibility for a positive test, or the requirement to continue to advise the Test Inspector, no later than ½ an hour, before the post time of each race in which the horse is entered.

Racing Officials List (Judges/Stewards List)

Stewards and Judges may place the name of any horse on the Racing Officials List for any reason they may deem to be proper. While on this list, the horse may not race or be entered into a race, as per the Rules of Thoroughbred Racing and the Rules of Standardbred Racing.

EIPH Program

EIPH or Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage is the condition of bleeding (haemorrhage) from blood vessels within the lung (pulmonary) which occurs during strenuous exercise. The condition is felt to be controlled through the medical application of furosemide, which has the effect of lowering the blood pressure and controlling the condition. A managed and controlled EIPH Program has been in place in Ontario since 1991 for both Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing at participating racetracks. Under strict guidelines, horses are allowed to enter the program and publication of their inclusion in the program is included in the race program for the information of the general public.

EIPH Program (Lasix) List (.CSV)
Qualified EIPH Program (Lasix) List
Bleeders List