Racing participants: You are part of Fair Racing 

Maintaining the integrity of racing is everyone’s responsibility. 

The AGCO needs your help when you see any breaches of the Rules of Racing or illegal conduct.   

If you see or hear of anything unfair, please report it. If you hear of someone who saw something, encourage them to report what they witnessed as well. That’s how all participants can play a part in maintaining the honesty and integrity of horse racing. 

What information is helpful? 

Information is the most useful when it is detailed and complete.  For example,  

  • Who is involved?  

  • What breach or illegal activity did you witness?  

  • Where did this happen?  

  • When did this happen?  

These details are important and will assist AGCO Inspectors and Investigators in their work.    

If you choose to remain anonymous 

You have the option to remain anonymous when submitting information.  However if you do so, the AGCO will not be able to contact you for a follow-up or to obtain more details.  You would still be able to look up the status of the complaint to see whether more details are being requested from you, and provide them through the same process. 

If you choose not to remain anonymous

Your name will not be made public and will be used only for the purpose of contacting you regarding the status of your complaint, or to request more information.  Your personal information will not be shared outside of the AGCO, including to persons you may be complaining about.