Lottery retailers (sellers) registration

Learn how to register as a lottery retailer, also known as a seller.


The AGCO regulates lottery games run by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). We help make sure that OLG and everyone else in the lottery business is doing things the right way.

The AGCO registers people and companies who work in the lottery industry, checks that you are eligible and following the rules once registered.

Types of lottery registrations

There are two types of registration: 

  • Sellers (lottery retailers)
    These are often convenience stores that sell lottery tickets, and special tickets for charities.
  • Gaming assistants
    These are the employees who make decisions, supervise others, or train people in the gaming industry.

Responsibilities and resources

Lottery retailers (sellers) are responsible for meeting all standards, acts and regulations for OLG lottery retail.

Read the guidance and resources for OLG lottery retail for more support in understanding your responsibilities as a registrant.


Learn how to register as a lottery retailer to sell lottery products on behalf of OLG.

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Renew or Manage

Learn how to renew or make changes to your registration. 

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