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Apply online for a racetrack site licence using our online self-service iAGCO portal


$500 annually.

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You need to be a racetrack operator to be approved for a racetrack site licence.


Racetrack site licence 
$500 per year 

The AGCO must receive all application fees before we can process your application.  
For more information on the fee schedule visit our Horse Racing Licensing/Registration Fees page. 

Apply for a licence

To get an AGCO horse racing Racetrack Site Licence you must go online to the iAGCO portal (see Getting Started with iAGCO) and select Racetrack Site Licence as the primary application type.

Step 1: Prepare your application

You’ll need to submit these things:

  • application fee 
  • proof of ownership / tenancy (including lease agreements) 
  • description of racetrack facilities  
  • racetrack survey 
  • track rules 
  • safety, security and maintenance plans 
  • capital improvement plan 
  • key employees list* (everyone must licensed as a horseperson-association Official with the AGCO)
  • minor racing officials 
  • race date schedule 
  • post time(s) for race dates 
  • qualifying races schedule (for Standardbred racetracks only)

Minor racing official list 

Racetrack site licence holders must submit a list of their minor racing officials thirty (30) days prior to their first day of racing for approval from the AGCO. You can submit the names of individuals as minor racing officials through your application or by email to

Minor racing officials must be licenced as a horseperson-association Official with the AGCO. If they’re not, you must have them apply for the licence.

Step 2: Apply online

If you’re applying for the first time you need to set up an iAGCO account. To get a racetrack site licence, create an account on the iAGCO portal. Once you’ve set up your iAGCO account, you can apply. 

Apply for a licence now

Step 3: Wait for a decision

We try to process applications promptly. There may be delays if there are complexities with the application or if we need to more information from you. 

Know your responsibilities

For complete details about your legal responsibilities as a licence holder, please refer to the: