Organizational Structure

View the various Departments and Branches of the AGCO at a glance
AGCO Organizational Chart

Organizational Structure (text version)

    1. Chair and Board of the AGCO
    2. Horse Racing Appeal Panel (HRAP) (an independent adjudicative body appointed by the Board of the AGCO)
    3. iGaming Ontario Board
  2. Chief Executive Officer and Registrar
    1. Communications and Service Experience Division
      1. Communications
      2. Service Strategy and Experience
    2. Corporate Services Division
      1. Finance and Administration
      2. Human Resources, Organizational Development and Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility
      3. Risk Management, Internal Audit
      4. Change Management
      5. Project Management Office
    3. Information & Information Technology Division
      1. Business Optimization and Insights
      2. Enterprise Data & Analytics
      3. IT Strategic Planning and Management
      4. Digital Product Management
      5. Enterprise Architecture
      6. IT Operations
      7. Cybersecurity
      8. Service Desk
    4. Investigation and Enforcement Bureau
      1. Investigations
      2. Intelligence and Investigative Support
    5. Legal Services Division
      1. Advisory Services
      2. Legal Services
      3. Litigation Services
    6. Operations Division
      1. Audit & Financial Investigations
      2. Regulatory Compliance
      3. Technology Regulation and igaming Compliance
      4. Licensing and Registration
      5. Operational Priorities, Planning and Performance
      6. Anti-Money Laundering
    7. Corporate Affairs, Strategic Policy and Planning Division
      1. Strategic Planning and Engagement Branch
      2. Strategic Policy Branch
      3. Corporate Affairs & Governance Branch

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO, under the direction of the Board, provides leadership and direction to the staff of the AGCO.  The Executive Office shapes the values, principles and major operating policies of the AGCO, provides strategic direction and leadership to the various operating Branches of the AGCO, and ensures the AGCO fulfills its regulatory mandate in an effective and efficient manner.  Advice is provided to the Board, and the annual Business Plan for the AGCO is prepared and presented to the AGCO Board for consideration and approval.

Horse Racing Appeal Panel (HRAP)

The Horse Racing Appeal Panel (HRAP) is an independent adjudicative body mandated to hear appeals of decisions made under the Rules of Racing. It was established on April 1, 2016 under the Horse Racing Licence Act, 2015. Members are appointed to the Panel by the Board of the AGCO.