Retail store authorization

To open a cannabis retail store, you need to have a Retail Operator Licence and a Retail Store Authorization. Find information here about what you need to get a retail store authorization.


To apply for a Retail Store Authorization, you need a valid Retail Operator Licence or have an application in process. You can submit both applications at the same time.

A cannabis retail store must be the only business that operates at the location. It can’t also be a restaurant, coffee shop, pharmacy, convenience store. For more details, read the Registrar’s standards for cannabis retail stores.

Licensed producers

If you're a licensed producer, you can only apply for one store, and it must be at the same place as your federal production licence.

Business requirements

For the AGCO to issue a retail store authorization, you must meet some business requirements. We want to make sure that you’re ready to order, receive and secure cannabis products. For example, store operators must make sure that:

  • cannabis and accessories aren’t visible from outside the store
  • you have a secure, working high-resolution surveillance system
  • you are always securely storing cannabis and make it accessible only by staff

For more information on the standards and requirements for a cannabis retail store, please read:


Learn how to apply for a retail store authorization.

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