Gaming-related suppliers

Learn about supplying gaming-related equipment or services in the gaming industry.


There are several types of gaming-related suppliers (for fee purposes): 

  1. Lottery
    These suppliers make, install, test, maintain, fix gaming equipment, or supply equipment or services that are directly related to the lottery sector. They may also offer related consulting services only to people in the lottery sector.
  2. Manufacturers
    These suppliers make, supply, install, test, maintain or fix gaming equipment across the gaming industry to use at gaming sites. This could include bingo paper, break open tickets, instant lottery tickets, slot machines, electronic table games, bill validators, personal bingo verifiers and bingo blowers. They may also offer consulting services related to playing lotteries or operating a gaming site.
  3. Services
    These suppliers provide services or equipment for charitable gaming events, or services that are directly related to the operation of a gaming site. This could be gaming-related services for gaming sites, break open ticket locations or charitable organizations that conduct and manage lotteries. Or suppliers that coordinate and/or facilitate lottery schemes on behalf of charitable or religious organizations and/or supply and distribute gaming-related equipment to gaming sites or break open ticket locations.  
  4. Other
    These suppliers install, test, maintain or fix equipment. They may also offer consulting services to operators across the gaming industry. 


As a gaming-related supplier, you must register with the AGCO if you want to provide any of these products or services. 

Suppliers that deliver solutions for electronic raffles are considered charitable gaming suppliers. However, electronic raffle systems solution providers must go through a separate approvals process. You can read more about it on our charitable gaming suppliers page.  

Learn more about risk-based registration.


Gaming-related supplier-lottery 

Gaming-related supplier 

(other) Suppliers of services or equipment. 

Gaming-related supplier 

(manufacturer of gaming equipment) 

$0 per year
$3,000 per year
$15,000 per year

Payments under $30,000 must be made by Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit. The AGCO must receive all application fees before we can process your application. In addition to the registration fee, the Registrar may require you to pay the reasonable costs of an investigation before we can process your application. 

See the fees pages for casino and charitable gaming for full details.


In order to supply gaming-related equipment, products and services in the gaming industry you must be registered with the AGCO.

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Learn how to manage your registration as a supplier.

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