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Learn how to register to supply gaming-related products or services for igaming sites. 

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iGaming-specific steps and eligibility

Types of registrations

To supply your products or services to igaming operators in Ontario, you need to be registered with the AGCO. 

There are two types of gaming-related supplier registrations that apply to igaming (for fee purposes):  

  • Manufacturers
    These suppliers make, supply, install, test, maintain or fix gaming equipment to play a lottery or operate a gaming site. They may also offer consulting services for playing lotteries or operating a gaming site.  
  • Other
    These suppliers install, test, maintain or fix equipment. They may also offer consulting services to operators across the gaming industry.  

Examples of providers that need to register include:

  • platform providers
  • suppliers that manufacture, develop, provide or run games and game systems
  • customer electronic wallet providers  
  • odds makers
  • sports integrity monitoring organizations
  • independent test labs

There is a category for non-gaming-related suppliers in the lottery and gaming sector. This category doesn’t apply to igaming.  

iGaming-specific steps and eligibility

Before applying

Before submitting your application to the AGCO, you need to:

  1. Review the Registrar’s standards for internet gaming to see if your products comply, or if they need updates before being tested.
  2. Get a registered independent testing lab to certify the product you’ll be supplying. Testing needs to cover all games. It also needs to cover random number generators and pieces of igaming systems that accept, process, determine the outcome of, display and log details about player bets.
  3. Review the internet gaming go-live compliance guide to understand what you need to do to go live. 

Learn more about the steps to becoming an iGaming supplier in Ontario.

During the application process

You might also be asked for these documents:  

  • business name registration
  • constituting document(s)
  • certificate or articles of incorporation  
  • charter/by-laws
  • partnership agreement
  • limited partnership agreement
  • limited partnership declaration
  • shareholders’ agreement
  • trust agreement
  • any other constituting documentation relevant to the entity
  • details of shares
  • extra-provincial power of attorney (for limited partnerships)
  • financial statements
  • government-issued identification
  • personal history – gaming
  • schematic diagram that shows relationships among parties and party owning 5% or more shares or interest  
  • signature of applicant or partner(s) as applicable
  • tax return and tax assessment
  • criminal background check (if Canada isn’t a person’s primary residence)
  • description of third-party suppliers
  • description of quality assurance process 

Note: If you want to offer more than what you said on your application, you must tell the Registrar and be approved.  

See the internet gaming go-live compliance guide to understand how to be prepared for going live in Ontario's iGaming market.

After you submit

Once you’ve submitted your registration, you need to complete these steps:

  1. Put the proper controls in place. These documents will help:
  2. For gaming-related suppliers who run critical gaming systems: Confirm that you have a control activity matrix. The matrix needs to show that you comply with the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming. You also must show that you have the proper security in place. This includes showing security test results.


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