Renew your licence or authorization

Find information here about renewing your cannabis related licence or authorization.


You can apply for, manage and renew your cannabis retail manager licence online through iAGCO

When to renew

You need to renew your licence or authorization before it expires. 

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Renew your licence or authorization

If you want to continue operating your business, you’ll have to pay a renewal fee before your licence expires. The renewal fee covers some of the ongoing costs of regulation. This includes activities such as inspection and customer service support.  

The AGCO will remind you by email or mail 60 days, 7 days and 2 days before your licence or authorization expires. You must apply to renew your licence and submit the right fee before this expiry date. You can apply to renew your licence or authorization through the iAGCO portal.  

If we get your application and fee(s) by the expiry date, we’ll send you a confirmation of your renewal. This will allow you to operate until you receive your renewed licence or authorization. You won’t get your money back if you withdraw your application, or if the AGCO refuses to issue the licence for any reason.

Expired licences or authorizations can’t be renewed.  

If we don’t receive your renewal application by the expiry date, it won’t be valid anymore. You can’t renew an expired licence or authorization. You must apply for a new one.  

You can’t sell cannabis without a valid retail operator licence and retail store authorization.  

Apply for renewal

To begin your renewal application:

  1. Log into your iAGCO account.  
  2. Click the “Renew” button next to the applicable licence/authorization.
  3. Complete the appropriate fields and press submit.
  4. Pay the fee.

Once you’ve paid the fee and submitted your application, look for a confirmation email from iAGCO.

The “Renewal In Progress” status on your iAGCO account doesn’t mean that your renewal has been submitted. It might mean that someone started a draft renewal but didn’t pay the fee or hasn’t pressed submit. Keep iAGCO application confirmation emails or application summaries as to know that your application has been submitted.  

Manage your licence or authorization online

Not renewing a retail manager licence

If your retail manager licence expires, you can’t act as manager of a cannabis retail store.  

Licensed retail operators must make sure that their managers have a valid retail manager licence. You can find the status of AGCO-issued licences on iAGCO. You can also scan the QR code on the licence to confirm the licence status.

Not renewing a retail operator licence

If you don’t renew your retail operator licence, or it’s revoked, your retail store authorization gets canceled too.  

Not renewing a retail store authorization

If you don’t renew your retail store authorization, or it’s revoked, the AGCO might suspend or revoke:

  • any other retail store authorization you have
  • your retail operator licence
  • both

Your cannabis store will have to close.