Supplementary Questionnaire

Find out about additional information the AGCO may request during your cannabis retailer application process.

In order for your application to be reviewed and assessed, the AGCO requires detailed information, including copies of any agreements with another party, regarding the following matters with respect to another party’s interests in the applicant or the operations or proposed operations of the applicant, including:

  • advice
  • expertise
  • management services
  • operation
  • revenue-sharing
  • franchising
  • financing
  • control
  • marketing
  • lease

This includes, but is not limited to, equity interests in the applicant, including agreements of purchase and sale of equity holdings in the applicants, shareholder agreements, options agreements, debt instruments, agreements governing operations or management, franchise agreements, licensing agreements, service contracts, consulting agreements, convertible debentures, other options, revenue sharing agreements, partnership agreements, leasing agreements, and trusts.

Any parties with a financial and/or beneficial interest in the applicant, or the operations or proposed operations of the applicant, are required to provide disclosure as part of the application for a Cannabis Retail Operator Licence.

Please be advised that all applicants and licensees have a continuing responsibility to notify the AGCO in writing of any material changes to the information supplied in its application.