Horseperson and individual licences

You need a horseperson licence to be involved in standardbred, thoroughbred or quarter horse racing. You need a secondary licence category for your activity at the racetrack.


The horseperson licence lets you be involved in horse racing in Ontario. 

When you apply for a horseperson licence, you also need to choose another licence type. These other (secondary) licences are for specific activities you’ll be doing. These could include driving a horse in a race (driver), exercising a racehorse (exercise person), or owning a racehorse and racing in Ontario (owner). You can hold more than one secondary licence type.

Be sure to apply for the horseperson licence and individual licences for your breed.


Learn how to apply for a horseperson’s licence.

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Renew and manage

Learn about renewing or managing your horsepersons licence.

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