Object to a proposed application for a new licenced location for cannabis sales

Learn how to submit an objection to the AGCO about a proposed licenced establishment in your area.

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Object to a cannabis store application

When a business applies for a new cannabis retail store authorization, notice of this change is posted publicly in a few places:

If you have concerns about a proposed cannabis store application in your area, you may object to the application if you live in that municipality.


You need to live in the municipality where the proposed store is located.

Municipalities may also object in writing if the proposed store is in their area.

What you need

In describing your objection, please explain in detail why the authorization of the cannabis retail store would be of concern to your neighbourhood.  

The Registrar will consider why a proposed store isn’t in the public interest if it’s:

  • Protecting public health and safety.
  • Protecting youth by limiting their access to cannabis.
  • Stopping illegal activities related to cannabis. 

How to object

You can object to an application in your municipality through our online iAGCO portal.  

  1. On the iAGCO landing page, click on the “SEARCH FOR CURRENT LIQUOR AND CANNABIS APPLICATIONS”.  
  2. Search for applications undergoing public notice.  
  3. Choose the proposed establishment.
  4. Complete the File Objection/Submission form.

Please note that you cannot submit an anonymous objection to a proposed licence application. Our process allows applicants to contact you to better understand your concerns and work together to find a solution. 

Read more about the public notice process for cannabis retail store authorizations.

The Registrar’s decision to issue or to refuse a cannabis retail store authorization is final. If you don’t agree with the decision, you can apply for a judicial review with the Superior Court of Justice.

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