Special Event Teletheatre Licensing Process: Process and Required Documents

April 13, 2017​

In circumstances where a Racetrack Operator wishes to apply for a teletheatre licence for a location that will not be permanent, such as a special event or fundraiser, the Racetrack Operator must apply to the Registrar of the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) for a Special Event Teletheatre License.

When applying for a licence for a Special Event teletheatre from the AGCO, a racetrack must file specific documentation as detailed in this material.

List of Required Documents

  1. Application to Operate a Special Event Teletheatre
    The application should take the form of a letter addressed to the Registrar, requesting approval for the teletheatre, detailing:
    • Name of the premises to be used;
    • The name of the event and the day(s)/hours of operation;
    • Street and mailing address of the premises (including postal code);
    • Contact information for the site: phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses;
    • Names and contact information of Site Manager and main contact at the site;
    • Name of the Teletheatre Operations Manager who will be in attendance for the duration of the event.
  2. Liquor License
    A copy of the current, valid liquor license for the special event site must be submitted. Detail or highlight the specific area that will be used by the teletheatre, and its capacity.
  3. Evidence of Correspondence to the Local Municipality
    A letter advising the municipality of the application submitted to the AGCO and the proposed teletheatre special event.
  4. Evidence of Correspondence to Local Ontario Horsepeople’s Associations
    A letter advising the associations of the application submitted to the AGCO and the proposed teletheatre special event.


Approval of the Special Event Teletheatre Licence

Approval of the application will take the form of correspondence to the Racetrack Operator from the Registrar.

Filing Format

Documents submitted to the AGCO are confidential and private unless otherwise specified. All documents submitted to the AGCO are subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c F.31.

For more information, see the Horse Racing Licence Guide: Racetracks & Teletheatres.

The preferred submission format for material is electronic.

All material must be submitted to the attention of:

Brent Stone
Director of Racing

And copied to the Licensing contacts:

Jessica Harvie
Licensing Coordinator
(416) 326-0863

Russell Fernandes
Manager of Racing/Licensing
(416) 326-0865

Please direct any questions regarding this material to Jessica Harvie or Russell Fernandes.