Renew and manage a Racetrack site licence

Learn about renewing or managing your racetrack site licence.

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You can renew and manage your licence online through iAGCO

When to renew

You need to renew your licence before it expires. 

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Renew your licence

The AGCO will remind you by email or mail 60 days before your licence expires. You must apply to renew your licence and submit the right fee before this expiry date. You can apply to renew your licence through the iAGCO portal.  

If the AGCO receives your application and fee(s) by the expiry date, we’ll send you confirmation of the receipt of your renewal application. If the AGCO doesn’t receive your renewal application by the expiry date on your licence, your licence will expire.

To renew your licence:

  1. Look up your licence status, which you can do without having an iAGCO account (see How to Look Up a Licence Status)
  2. Your Racetrack Site licence will need to be renewed annually
  3. If you have created a new iAGCO account, you will need a one-time access code to link your new account to your information already on file (see iAGCO access codes)
  4. Start the renewal by clicking on the Renew button beside your licence under the My Approved Licences/ Permits/Authorizations, Registrations section on the main menu page
  5. Go through all the screens and answer all the questions
  6. Upload the following documents
    • safety, security and maintenance plans
    • capital improvement plan
    • key employees list* (each individual must hold a valid horseperson-association official licence)
    • minor racing officials
    • qualifying races schedule (for Standardbred racetracks only)
  7. Upload the following documents if there has been any change
    • proof of ownership / tenancy (including lease agreements)
    • racetrack survey
    • track rules
  8. Pay the fee

Renew your licence now

Manage your licence

Make changes to your licence   

Under Existing Licences / Permits / Authorizations / Registrations

  1. Click on the link to Request a Change. 
  2. Select your licence/registration type from the drop-down list. 
  3. Select the type of change: 
    • For changes to the name of the premises, select Adding and/or Changing Names from drop down list. 
    • For changes in key employees list, safety, security and maintenance plans, changes to ownership/tenancy of the site or racetrack survey, select Other Changes from drop down list. 
  4. Proceed through all the screens and answer all the questions, supply any required documentation and pay the applicable fee to submit your change application. 

Request a change

Remove consented conditions on a licence  

Removing a contested condition will depend on how the condition was added to the licence. You might need to apply directly to the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) or another judicial body.  

  1. Login to iAGCO. 
  2. Under “Existing Licences/Permits/Authorizations/Registrations” click on “Request a Change”
  3. Click on “Other Changes”. 
  4. Click on “Remove Conditions”
  5. List the exact conditions you want removed. Explain what’s changed to support your request. 
  6. Specify the date you want the conditions removed (yyyy/mm/dd). 

Request a change

Cancel a licence 

If you want to cancel your licence, you must ask the Registrar on iAGCO.  

  1. Login to iAGCO. 
  2. Under “Existing Licences/Permits/Authorizations/Registrations” click on “Request a Change”
  3. Click on “Other Changes”. 
  4. Click on “Request to Cancel a Licence/Registration”
  5. Specify the reason for cancelling your licence, the effective date of cancellation (yyyy/mm/dd), and if you need written confirmation. 

You can’t reactivate a licence once it’s cancelled. You’ll need to apply for a new application. 

Cancel a licence

Modify race dates

The AGCO approves race dates with your licence application. If you want to make any changes during the year, you need the approval of the AGCO. Post time changes under 30 minutes do not need approval, however impacted stakeholders are required to be notified. 

For all other race date and post time changes, an application must be submitted via iAGCO, providing the following information:  

  1. The race date(s) in question including any additions, subtractions or substitutions 
  2. The original post time and the proposed variance  
  3. The rationale for the change.  

The AGCO will then solicit and take into consideration feedback from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), Ontario Racing Management and other impacted stakeholders. The AGCO will consider any feedback and approve or deny the variance request. If approved, an Industry Notice will be issued along with an updated race day calendar. 

Please read Section 4: Modifications to existing licences for more information.