Decisions made by First Nations reserves to restrict cannabis delivery from authorized retail stores

The Government of Ontario has established rules to enable cannabis retailers to offer delivery and curbside pick-up services on a permanent basis effective March 15, 2022. This includes delivery requirements to First Nations communities.

Delivery Requirements to First Nations Communities

Delivery to First Nations communities will be permitted unless the community has requested delivery be restricted.

To restrict delivery of cannabis on their reserves, First Nations reserve band councils must pass a band council resolution and submit it to the Registrar. Band council resolutions can be sent to the AGCO by email at  

The AGCO will notify Retail Store Authorization holders when a band council resolution is received and the restriction would come into effect 30 days after such notice is provided, after which point any delivery from an authorized cannabis retail store to the First Nations community would not be permitted.

The AGCO will list the First Nation reserves that wish to restrict delivery to their community in the table below.

A band council can later reverse its decision and opt-in to having cannabis delivery on its reserve. This is done by passing a band council resolution rescinding the first band council resolution. The second resolution must be sent to the Registrar by email at as soon as possible. Once received, the AGCO will update the table below accordingly.

Authorized retail stores can deliver to any First Nations reserve that does not appear in the table below.

First Nations reserves that have opted out of cannabis deliveryStatusDate of ResolutionEffective Date