Sport and Event Betting in Ontario — Player Information

The AGCO plays an important role  in the regulation of sport and event betting offerings as they become available in the province, whether through traditional channels, such as casinos or lottery products, or within Ontario’s internet gaming (igaming) market. The AGCO’s regulatory framework requires operators to offer player protection and meet Ontario’s high standards for game integrity and responsible gambling. While casinos are permitted by the AGCO to offer sport and event betting products, they have unique advertising expectations, as outlined in the Registrar’s Standards for Gaming.

An important note about horse racing
Horse racing was exempt from Bill C-218 and is not covered by the AGCO’s regulation of sport and event betting. Visit our General Information: Horse Racing page for more information about how horse racing is regulated in Ontario. 

Ways to access sport and event betting in Ontario

In Ontario, companies that want to offer sport and event betting must be registered with the AGCO and be conducted and managed by either iGaming Ontario (iGO) or the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG).

Currently, regulated sport and event betting is available to eligible adults in the following places: 

Online gaming site or app (see this list of regulated sites maintained by iGO)Online, on your personal device (e.g. phone, computer)igaming operators are conducted and managed by iGO and regulated by AGCO
OLG Proline PlusOnline, on your personal deviceThe OLG’s gaming site is conducted and managed by iGO and regulated by AGCO
OLG ProlineAt a registered lottery retailerOperator (OLG) is regulated by AGCO
SportsbooksAt some casinosCasino operator is regulated by AGCO


What we’re doing to protect players

The Registrar’s Standards for Gaming, Internet Gaming, and Lottery sectors are fundamental to the AGCO’s sport and event betting regulatory framework. All businesses that offer sport and event bets in Ontario must meet the requirements outlined in their industry’s standards for the benefits of Ontarians.

Specific standards were created to address the expanded menu of sport and event betting. These requirements minimize the potential compromising of betting markets through activities such as insider betting or game manipulation including:

  • Requiring operators to actively monitor the betting markets for suspicious betting activity
  • Operators must also engage independent integrity monitors (IIMs), who receive, assess, and distribute unusual/suspicious betting alerts in accordance with the Registrar’s Standards. Learn more about AGCO-registered IIMs
  • Prohibiting insiders, including coaches, athletes and referees, from betting on certain events
  • Ensuring that sport and event offerings meet acceptable betting criteria and are not objectionable


Are you playing on a regulated site?

Visit the Player Support & Information page to find out how to tell if the site or app you’re using is regulated.


Have a question?

Here is some more information about common topics related to regulated sport and event betting:

In Ontario, players can bet on eSports, a form of competition using video games, if the event meets the AGCO’s standard for acceptable events. Check out our Sport and Event Betting Integrity standards for more detailed information about what kinds of events are acceptable.

Bet cancellations
If an operator receives a report of suspicious activity, the operator may decide to suspend or cancel sport and event betting on events related to the report or withhold associated customer funds. The Operator’s decision to suspend or cancel sport and event betting, or withhold associated customer funds, on events related to the report must be fair, reasonable, and made in good faith. If you have questions about a bet cancellation you should contact the gaming site directly. 

Pay-to-play fantasy sports
In Ontario, pay-to-play fantasy sports are considered to be a form of gambling under the Criminal Code of Canada, and are permitted under the AGCO’s internet gaming standards. Regulated operators who have been registered by the AGCO and entered into an operating agreement with iGaming Ontario are permitted to offer pay-to-play fantasy sports once they go live in Ontario’s new igaming market. Choosing whether or not to offer pay-to-play fantasy sports is an individual business decision that rests with registered operators. The AGCO is committed to ensuring Ontarians can safely and responsibly enjoy their favourite sports betting products, including pay-to-play fantasy sports offerings, in Ontario’s new igaming market.

We understand that operators are not currently offering pay-to-play fantasy sports primarily because of their inability to allow individuals not located in Ontario to access the regulated Ontario offering (i.e. pooled liquidity). Questions about this issue should be directed to the Ministry of the Attorney General at

Can I watch a game at a bar or restaurant and place a bet at the same time?
Yes, you can place a bet while watching a game in a bar or restaurant, if it is on your own personal device.
Can approved online sportsbooks also offer in-person gambling?
No, online sportsbooks are not able to offer in-person gambling in Ontario. Under Ontario’s regulatory framework, igaming operators are only permitted to operate gaming sites that are online, provided they have entered into an operating agreement with iGaming Ontario and been registered by the AGCO. Providing a device to facilitate gambling would make the premises a land-based gaming site, and land-based commercial gaming is conducted and managed by OLG. Any land-based gaming that is not conducted and managed by the OLG is not permitted.

For descriptions of common bets and betting language, view the definitions section of the AGCO’s internet gaming standards.

View our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common internet gaming related questions.


Need Help? Have a Complaint? 

Bet placed in-store
Have a complaint about a Proline product sold from a lottery retailer? Please visit iAGCO Online Services to submit a complaint

Bet placed online
Under Ontario’s requirements, internet gaming site operators must address player complaints, disputes and inquiries in a fair, timely and appropriate way.  

As such, most complaints and inquiries are handled directly by the online gambling or sport and event betting site.

Contact the site’s customer support if you are experiencing problems with your player account or registration, technical issues with the gaming site, or issues related to deposits, payout, withdrawals, bonuses, quality of service or bet cancellations.

If you need assistance with other issues, please click the Complaints and Inquiries button below to answer a few questions to better direct your inquiry.

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