Internet gaming complaints

Learn how to resolve a dispute with an internet gaming site and what to expect when you complain to the AGCO.

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Resolve your dispute with the gaming operator

Complaints to the AGCO

Resolving disputes with gaming sites

Making a complaint to the AGCO won’t resolve your dispute with an internet gaming site.

We can’t get your money back or make a gaming site give you your money back.

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Gambling on regulated sites

Want to know if you’re gambling on a regulated gambling site? Look for the iGaming Ontario (iGO) logo.

Visit iGO's website to learn more.

Resolve your dispute with the gaming operator

Three steps to resolve disputes

The best way to resolve a dispute is directly with the gaming site. We recommend you follow these steps to resolve your dispute with an internet gaming site. 

3 Steps to resolve a dispute with a gaming site

  1. Check the terms and conditions
    Check any terms and conditions that are linked to your account or your gambling transaction.
  2. Follow the gaming site’s formal complaints process
    Contact the gaming site and follow their formal complaints process.
  3. Wait for a decision
    Wait for the gaming site to make a decision about your complaint. This can take up to 90 days. If you’re not happy with the outcome, consider seeking independent legal advice about your dispute.

Complaints to the AGCO

Why make a complaint to the AGCO

If you think a regulated gaming site broke the rules, consider making a complaint to the AGCO. We make sure that registered internet gaming sites are following the rules. If we find that rules have been broken, we can issue penalties. This may include warnings, suspensions or monetary penalties. 

Our complaints process won’t always resolve your dispute with a gaming site. However, it does help keep the integrity of Ontario’s regulated internet gaming market strong. 

You should make a complaint to the AGCO if:

  • You think a regulated gaming site has broken the rules.  
  • You’ve tried resolving your dispute directly with the gaming site and waited up to 90 days for a formal decision but have not reached a resolution.
  • Your complaint is about responsible gaming, possible illegal activity, or advertising and it may not be right to contact the gaming site first.

What you need for your complaint

To help us review your complaint please provide as much detail as possible, including:

  • name of the regulated gaming site (check iGO’s website to see if we regulate your igaming provider)
  • your player ID on the site
  • the complaint reference # issued by your gaming site, if applicable.

What to expect if you make a complaint to us


What happens

How long it takes

Possible outcomes
Initial review We review your complaint to decide if we can help.
We’ll acknowledge your complaint and provide a response.
About 2 business days.

At this stage we might:

  • ask you for more information
  • suggest you take up your complaint with the gaming site directly
  • close your complaint with no further action if no rules have been broken
  • refer you to another regulatory body
  • escalate your complaint for an initial compliance review
Compliance reviewOur compliance team reviews your complaint to determine if rules may have been broken.Up to 5 weeks.

At this stage we might:

  • ask you for more information
  • close your complaint with no further action if no rules have been broken
Complex compliance review Our compliance team performs a thorough review of compliance. This may include asking for more information and evidence from the gaming site.3-6 months, sometimes more for very complex cases.

At this stage we might:

  • tell you about the results of our review, but we can’t share confidential details
  • issue penalties to the gaming site if we found that rules have been broken (issuing a penalty won’t resolve your dispute on the gaming site) 
  • close your complaint if no rules have been broken 

Make a complaint

If you’re ready to make a complaint, use the tool below to make sure you’re on the right track and reaching out to the right organization.

Which of the following best describes the nature of your issue?

Dispute with a specific igaming website

General complaint about igaming and its regulation in Ontario

Although some issues can be addressed directly by the AGCO, most disputes related to igaming can be best resolved by contacting the customer service department of your regulated igaming site.


Submit your complaint online

To submit a complaint to the AGCO, please use our online service iAGCO.  

  1. On the iAGCO landing page, click on “SUBMIT A COMPLAINT”.
  2. Complete the form.  

You don’t need to create an account to submit a complaint. 

Submit an internet gaming complaint

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