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Learn how to apply for a break open ticket licence.

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Apply for your licence with the AGCO online using our self-service iAGCO portal


3% of prizes.

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A break open ticket is a device made of cardboard and which has perforated cover window tabs behind which are symbols revealed by tearing open the cover tab. The winning combination of symbols is specified on the back of the ticket. Break open tickets are also known as “Nevada tickets” or “pull tabs”.

A provincial break open ticket licence allows charities and religious groups with a provincial mandate that are eligible for lottery licensing to manage break open ticket events across Ontario. Learn more about how to apply for a provincial break open ticket licence

If your break open ticket event is not part of another licensed gaming event and if the tickets are only sold within your municipality, you can apply directly to your local municipality. To do this, complete the Break Open Ticket Licence Application form and submit it to your municipality. 


You need a “charitable gaming eligibility” (CGE) number to apply for a break open ticket licence.  

Learn more about applying for CGE. 

Note: Private and Public sector organizations that want to manage lottery events on behalf of United Way or Federated Health don’t need a CGE. However, you’ll need a letter of agreement with the United Way or Federated Health. 


The fee for a break open ticket licence is 3% of prizes.

Step 1: Prepare your application

Please have these items ready:

  • your organization's CGE number or the file number of your CGE application (if it’s in process)
    • if you’re managing a lottery event on behalf of the United Way or Federated Health, you don’t need a CGE number, but you do need a letter of agreement from the United Way or Federated Health  
  • list of break open ticket sale locations  
  • rules of play that include:
    • a description of how each game is played
    • prize value for each game
    • number and price of fixed prize raffle tickets to be sold, if applicable
    • how winners are determined
    • how to end a game that doesn’t go as planned  
    • an exit strategy if there’s a progressive prize
  • completed and signed Signature of Principals form (sample form is provided)

Step 2: Apply online

If you’re applying for the first time you need to set up an iAGCO account:

  1. Go to the iAGCO online portal.
  2. Click on Create a New Account at the top of the page.
  3. Complete all the details on the screen.  
  4. Confirm your account registration through the confirmation email iAGCO sends you.
  5. Make sure the mailing address you have given to AGCO is up to date.

When you have an iAGCO account set up:

  1. Log in to your iAGCO account.
  2. Click on the link to Start a New Application under New Applications.
  3. Select Charitable Gaming Lottery Licences on the New Application screen. Choose Break Open Ticket Event Licence as the type of application on the following screen.
  4. Go through all the screens. Answer all the questions. Submit the documents the application asks for. 

Apply for a licence now

Step 3: Wait for a decision

Once you’ve submitted your application, the AGCO will review it. The AGCO makes every effort to process licence applications in a timely manner. We may ask for more information if we need to.

The AGCO will let you know when we’ve finished processing your application. If the AGCO approves your application, we’ll send you an e-mail with a link to get a copy of your licence through your iAGCO account. The AGCO will contact you if your application isn’t approved. 

Step 4: Get approved

Once you’ve been approved for a licence, you need to run your charitable lottery event in the right way. Read the Terms and conditions for charitable lottery licensing.