Rules of Racing and Directives

View the rules and directives for all types of racing, as well as information on violations the rules.

Rules of Racing

The Registrar has established the following Rules of Racing in accordance with Subsection 5(1) of the Horse Racing Licence Act, 2015:

Rules of Standardbred Racing

See a list of Updates to Standardbred Rules since November 2018


Rules of Thoroughbred Racing

See a list of Updates to Thoroughbred Rules since November 2018



Issued by the Registrar, Directives reflect decisions of the Board of the AGCO. Where Directives address new rules, the Rules of Racing are updated. The Registrar issues a variety of directives that are intended to support understanding and provide updates. 

Horse Racing Directives



When there is a violation or infraction of the Rules of Racing during the course of racing activity at a racetrack, a ruling will be issued by the Judges or Stewards.

A charge against a participant can arise from a number of sources: 

  • Observations by the Judges or Stewards
    • Refers to race infractions that were clearly visible to officials during the course of a race, as well as other violations detected by the Judges or Stewards in the performance of their normal duties.
  • Complaints from other driver(s) or jockey(s)
    • Refers to fouls, violations of the Rules of Racing or other misconduct during a race. These complaints must be registered immediately after the race (unless the driver has been injured) by means of the paddock telephone. Failure of a driver to report any infraction that occurred during a race constitutes a violation.
  • Reports from racing officials or employees of the AGCO or of the race track (the “Association”)
    • Refers to infractions that are brought to the attention of the Judges or Stewards, and of which they might not otherwise have been aware. In some instances, these complaints could originate with the public and be communicated to an Association representative.
  • Complaints from another licensee
  • Report from racing officials in another jurisdiction
  • Report from a policing agency

All alleged violations brought to the attention of the Judges or Stewards must be investigated. The investigation procedure is an attempt to determine whether a violation has occurred. It is not a hearing. When the Judges or Stewards are satisfied, a ruling will be issued. A copy of the ruling is provided to the licensee.


Appeals of rulings made by Judges and Stewards under the Rules of Racing are heard by the Horse Racing Appeal Panel (HRAP). For more information about the HRAP, please visit

Appeals resulting from proposed refusals, suspensions and revocations of licences pursuant to Notices of Proposed Orders are heard by the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT).