Manage your liquor sales licence

Find out how to change, renew or transfer an existing liquor sales licence.

Make permanent changes to your licensed area

To make changes to your licensed area, apply on the iAGCO portal.

You need to let us know if you are:

  • Increasing the capacity of an existing licensed area
  • Adding a new permanent licensed area (indoor or outdoor) 
  • Changing boundaries from the original layout of an existing licensed area, even if it doesn’t increase size
  • Adding walls that separate current licensed areas
  • Converting an outdoor area to an indoor area and vice versa

You don’t need to apply for a change if you are:

  • Redecorating
  • Installing or relocating doors
  • Installing windows

To sell or serve liquor in areas that aren’t currently licensed, your licence needs to be revised to include the proposed changes.

Don’t see the change you want to make on this list? Contact the AGCO for more information.

To remove a licensed area from your existing licence, submit an application for “Removal of Existing Licensed Areas” on the iAGCO portal. You need to do this within 30 days of the change. 

Learn more about making a permanent change to your licensed area in Section 4 of the guide (Liquor sales licence [including tied house] and mini bar licence guide).

Manage your licence

Requesting a temporary change to your licensed area

If you want a temporary outdoor patio, please contact your local municipality. For more information, see the New framework for temporary outdoor extensions.

Learn more about having a temporary patio on unorganized territory or on a First Nations reserve in section 5 of the guide.

For a temporary indoor extension of your licensed area, apply on the iAGCO portal. To find out what you’ll need to submit your application, please read section 5 of the guide. 

Request a change

Renewing your liquor sales licence

The AGCO will remind you by email or mail 60 days and 7 days before your liquor sales licence expires. You must apply to renew your licence and submit the right fee before this expiry date. You can apply to renew your liquor sales licence through the iAGCO portal.

If we get your application and fee(s) by the expiry date, we’ll send you confirmation of your renewal application. This will allow you to operate until you receive your renewed licence.

Important: Expired liquor licences cannot be renewed. 

If we don’t receive your renewal application by the expiry date on your liquor licence, your licence will expire and won’t be valid anymore.  

You’ll have to apply for a new liquor sales licence. 

You can’t sell or serve alcohol without a valid liquor licence.

To renew your liquor sales licence the AGCO will need confirmation that: 

  • Your tax status is up-to-date (check your status on the Ministry of Finance’s tax compliance verification portal)
  • If you’ve changed owners, you’ve reported it to the AGCO (if you haven’t, you’ll need to apply for a liquor sales licence transfer first) 

Renew licence

Transferring a liquor sales licence

You need to transfer your liquor sales licence if: 

  • the business that holds the liquor sales licence has had certain changes in its ownership
  • someone else is buying your business

To find out how to transfer a liquor sales licence, visit Section 7: Transferring a liquor sales licence of the guide.

Transfer application (transfer business)

Transfer application (structure change)


Closing your business

You need to submit a voluntary surrender of licence application on the iAGCO portal if:

  • you’re closing your licensed business
  • you want to stop selling or serving liquor at your business

Surrender your licence