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Application process

Cannabis stores are only permitted in municipalities that have opted in to the regulated framework to allow cannabis retail stores within their municipalities.

Applications for new retail store authorizations must be made to the AGCO. You can subscribe to receive email notifications about new Cannabis Retail Store Authorization (RSA) applications that are currently undergoing public notice in the locations you choose. 
Municipalities have the option to review the proposed application with respect to public interest and provide a response to the AGCO.
This ensures that the establishment of new cannabis retail stores aligns with both regulatory standards and the interests of the local community. 

All applications will be posted online on the AGCO website (see the Find a cannabis retail store in your area section below).


Public notice process

The Cannabis Licence Act, 2018 requires  the Registrar of the AGCO to give notice of an application for a cannabis store authorization. Each cannabis retail store location with an application under review must undergo a mandatory 15-day public notice period. During this public notice period, the municipality and its residents can submit written submissions to the Registrar regarding whether the issuance of the retail store authorization is in the public interest. 

For more information on the public notice process, please see the Public Notice for a Cannabis Retail Store Authorization webpage.

Licence requirements – public interest

If it's in the best interest of the public, the AGCO Registrar can decide not to authorize a store. The only areas of public interest the Registrar can consider, as defined by the regulations, are related to :
1.    Protecting public health and safety.
2.    Protecting youth by limiting their access to cannabis.
3.    Stopping illegal activities related to cannabis. Any inquires about opening cannabis retail stores should be directed to the AGCO.

Find a cannabis retail store in your area

This table and accompanying map shows the status of all Cannabis Retail Store Authorizations in Ontario. Stores shown as “Authorized to Open” have passed their pre-opening inspection from the AGCO and may open for business. The actual opening date of each store may depend on other factors and is at the discretion of each owner/operator . The list also includes applications that are currently in progress and stores that have recently closed.