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Learn how to apply for a cannabis retail manager licence.

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You can apply for, manage and renew your cannabis Retail Manager Licence online through iAGCO


2-year term: $700.
2-year renewal term: $500. 
4-year renewal term: $1,000.

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To get a Retail Manager Licence, you must:

  • be 19 years or older  
  • act with honesty, integrity and in the public interest
  • not be convicted or charged with any crimes under the Cannabis Licence Act, Cannabis Control Act (CCA) or Cannabis Act (CA)
  • have no ties (now or ever) to a criminal organization
  • not be involved in activities that go against laws in the CCA or CA
  • complete the application process with honesty and integrity  
  • not previously applied and been refused a retail manager licence within the last two years
  • not have had your retail manager licence revoked within the last two years

The AGCO may put conditions your licence if we have specific risks or concerns. There are also conditions in the Cannabis Licence Act that apply to all cannabis retail manager licences.  


You must pay a fee when you first apply for a cannabis Retail Manager Licence.

If you want to continue to have a retail manager licence, you’ll have to pay a renewal fee before your licence expires. The renewal fee covers some of the ongoing costs of regulation. This includes activities such as inspection and customer service support.  

The AGCO must receive fee payments before we can process or renew your licence. You won’t get your money back if you withdraw your application, or if the AGCO refuses to issue the licence for any reason.

We may also ask for additional fees if we must investigate.

Type of applicationFee (two-year term)Fee (four-year term)
New application $750N/A


Step 1: Prepare your application

Before you apply for a cannabis Retail Manager Licence, you should prepare the following information.

  1. Personal history
    Supply a personal history of employment or unemployment (education, parental leave, etc.). We’ll provide you with a form once you’ve set up your iAGCO account (see below).
  2. Tax return and tax assessment
    Please supply a completed tax return and tax assessment for the last fiscal year available. If you can’t, please explain why.
  3. The name of the cannabis retail operator
    You’ll need to provide the name and address of the store. You’ll also need to provide your job offer, or, if you’re an employee, the date you were hired.
  4. Social insurance number

Step 2: Apply online

To get a cannabis Retail Manager Licence, you’ll need to create an account on the iAGCO portal.  

Once you’ve set up your iAGCO account, you can:

  • apply for your cannabis Retail Manager Licence
  • provide additional information
  • manage your licence

Apply for a new licence

Step 3: Wait for a decision

The AGCO will assess your application based on possible risks to public safety or public interest. If we have concerns, we may ask for more information. We may also apply conditions to help manage risk. Learn more about risk-based licensing.

The AGCO tries to process applications promptly. However, there might be delays if:

  • your application requires closer inspection
  • we need more information
  • you’re slow to respond to requests for clarification
  • you don’t provide us with the information or documents we’ve asked for

The AGCO will consider every application for a Retail Manager Licence. It may:  

  • issue the retail licence if you’ve met the application requirements and paid the required fee
  • issue the Retail Manager Licence with proposed conditions, which will be attached
  • issue a proposal to refuse the application

If you receive a proposal to refuse the application, you can ask for a hearing. You can also appeal in front of the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT). For more information about the LAT, please visit the LAT website.  

Know your responsibilities

As licensee, you must meet the Registrar’s standards for your registration. You must follow related laws and regulations, including the Cannabis Licence Act. You also must adhere to any Terms and Conditions.

Make sure you understand all your responsibilities as a licensee. Read the resources available to help you better understand how to sell cannabis responsibly and stay in compliance.  


Everyone who works in a cannabis retail store must pass the AGCO-approved CannSell training before their first day of work.