Mystery Shopper Program

Learn about the AGCO's Mystery Shopper Program and how it helps keep the public safe.


The AGCO’s Mystery Shopper Program supports the safe, responsible, and lawful sale of age gated products in the industries we regulate.  

The AGCO Mystery Shopper Program was established in 2017 when grocery stores began selling beer, cider and wine. Since then, we’ve expanded to other areas that we regulate, including:

  • cannabis retail stores
  • casinos                                                                    
  • The Beer Store
  • grocery stores
  • other liquor licensed premises, such as bars and restaurants  

Mystery shoppers go to liquor retailers (grocery stores, The Beer Store), cannabis retail stores, casinos, and liquor licensed premises such as restaurants and bars. Youthful-looking adult mystery shoppers act like customers and try to buy liquor, cannabis or participate in gaming activities at licensed establishments.  

The program helps the AGCO evaluate how licensees, retailers, and their staff are performing in meeting their regulatory responsibilities, particularly with respect to preventing youth access to age gated products. With the insights gained from this program, we then educate our licensees and registrants and help support their compliance. 

Protecting the public

The AGCO wants to ensure that the alcohol, gaming, horse racing and cannabis retail sectors are operating in accordance with the principles of honesty and integrity, and in the public interest. This includes ensuring that these sectors protect minors from the potential harms of alcohol, cannabis and gambling.

Licensees have a responsibility to protect minors.

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