Lottery Retailers: Understand Your Obligations (brochure)


This brochure is designed to help you understand your responsibilities as a lottery retailer regarding the lawful sale of cannabidiol (CBD) oil and other cannabis-based products in Ontario.

Did You Know?

Lottery retailers who choose to offer cannabis-based products for sale, such as CBD oil, are doing so illegally.


Compliance Requirements

If you are a lottery retailer who is currently selling CBD oil or other cannabis-based products in your store, you are required to immediately cease the sale of these products and remove these products from your premises.

Selling illegal products can put your lottery retailer (seller) registration in jeopardy. Make sure you understand your obligations.

A lottery retailer may sell cannabis accessories, such as pipes and rolling papers, but must comply with federal advertising requirements. To understand your obligations, visit

As a registered lottery retailer, you are responsible for complying with the requirements of the Gaming Control Act, 1992 and its regulation, and other standards and requirements established by the Registrar.

The AGCO requires all registered lottery retailers to be in compliance with the law.


Understand the Law

CBD oil is made from the cannabis plant (including the hemp variety) and is captured under the definition of cannabis in the federal Cannabis Act, as well as in Ontario’s Cannabis Control Act, and the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018.

Only AGCO licensed cannabis retailers may sell recreational cannabis and they must purchase this product through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

The Ontario Cannabis Store is the only legal online store for the purchase and sale of recreational cannabis in Ontario.

Consumers may only legally buy cannabis products for medical use through a Health Canada licensed seller.


AGCO’s Risk-based Inspection Compliance Model


  • regulates Ontario’s lottery sector in accordance with the principles of honesty and integrity and in the public interest
  • conducts compliance activities to ensure compliance with the law and in support of public safety

AGCO Inspectors will:

  • continue to conduct inspections of lottery retail store locations to confirm compliance with applicable laws, regulations, conditions and Registrar’s Standards
  • provide you with information about your obligations and responsibilities as a registered lottery retailer (seller)

For More Information

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